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After that, it's up to $10 per block for 500 AUTOMATED chat responses per eCommerce store.

Total Blocks Responses per Month Price Per Block
1 to 20 blocks 1 to 10k responses $10/block
21 to 40 blocks 10k to 20k responses $9/block
41 to 80 blocks 20k to 30k responses $8/block
  • "Shiora is an aromatherapy reed diffuser provider that has achieved growth and development, increasing revenue with analytical product segmentation from Qallix.
    Qing Hui, Owner of Shiora
  • “Dr. Bei, a provider of high-quality, elegant and professional care has gone on board with Qallix. Ever since revenue and customer base has increased with business continuously growing.”
    Casey, Marketing Manager at Dr. Bei
  • "Qallix has allowed us to grow remarkably by providing us with a business overview in real-time, synchronised orders to all other platforms and having customer segmentation to identify high-value customers."
    Peter, Co-Founder of Wistech

Frequently asked questions

Will my data be secure and private?

Since you entrust Qallix with your personal and online stores' information, we are dedicated to protecting it with multiple layers of security. Learn more about Qallix's dedication to data security and protection.

Can I pay for the subscription annually?

You'll receive your invoice at the end of your monthly billing period. Payment will be taken on the date shown on your invoice using the payment details entered when you purchased your subscription. If you’ve incurred transaction fee charges for order management, these charges will be invoiced for the next month.

Offer Terms

Prices are in SGD and include GST. Qallix reserves the right to change pricing at any time.