Our Qallix Facts

A little over the past 1 year, we have achieved 

  • 12 $m +

    Total GMV Overseen

  • 100000 +

    Customer Studies

  • 1500 +

    SKU Synced

  • 50 +

    Integrated Platforms

How the company started

We started an eCommerce business and faced difficulties in understanding the overall picture of our business. Our backend operations were a disaster and we struggled to allocate budgets effectively to drive the best returns. We had zero knowledge on how data can help us save costs and increase revenue. Therefore, we needed to find solutions to our problems, and that is how Qallix was born.

We designed Qallix as an eCommerce ecosystem to help curb these problems. Qallix provides an overview of business health, streamlines operations, and empowers data to drive revenue.

With Qallix's technology, we aim to empower every seller to become data-driven and for you to peak in your overall business performance.

Our life in technology

Our Values

You are in good company, let's grow together!