Our Qallix Facts

A little over the past 1 year, we have achieved 

  • 800,000 +


  • 30,000 +

    Synced SKUs

  • 2,500 +

    Integrated Stores

How the company started

We started online stores and quickly ran into problems managing the day-to-day running of the business. We found it hard to figure out where to spend our money to get the best results and didn't know how using data could help us cut costs and make more money.

So, we created Qallix to solve these issues. Qallix is like a toolkit for online sellers that makes it easier to see how your business is doing, keeps things running smoothly, and uses information to help you earn more. With Qallix, we want to help every seller use data to improve their business and reach their highest potential.

Our Values

You are in good company, let's grow together!