Our Terms

Our Terms
Last Modified: March 28, 2024

QALLIX's terms of use are our agreement with you, including our commitments as a service provider and your responsibilities as a user.


Welcome to QALLIX! We're glad you're here. Before using QALLIX, please review and accept these terms. We aim for clarity, so we’ve avoided unnecessary jargon. These terms outline our mutual expectations and obligations.

For convenience, a navigation menu is available for section-specific access. Summaries at the beginning of each section provide an overview.

Please review all terms carefully. If you disagree with any part, then QALLIX's services will be unavailable to you.

For questions, please contact us via QALLIX's Contact Us page. We're here to assist.


This section details subscription and use. Defined terms are in bold for consistent meaning throughout this document.

You and QALLIX:
'You' refers to users and entities authorized to represent them. 'QALLIX', 'we', 'our', and 'us' refer to the QALLIX entity with which you contract.

Our Services:
Our services encompass all QALLIX offerings, current and future, including our web-based ERP solutions tailored for eCommerce businesses.

Creating a Subscription:
Subscribing and agreeing to these terms makes you a 'subscriber', responsible for payment.

Invited Users:
Those invited to use the service by a subscriber must agree to these terms.

Subscriber Role:
Subscribers manage subscription access and are responsible for invited users' activities.

Using QALLIX Services:
Rights to use QALLIX services are granted to subscribers and invited users, contingent on subscription payment and adherence to these terms.

Maintain accurate information, ensure the security of your login credentials, and use QALLIX services lawfully.

What We Own:
We retain rights to QALLIX services and content, except as stated or provided by third parties. Do not misuse our intellectual property.


Payment is required for subscription plans. Details are provided when selecting a plan.

Data Use and Privacy

We use your data to provide and improve QALLIX services. Our privacy notice, part of these terms, details personal data handling.

Use of Data:
Data you provide is yours. You grant us a license to use it as necessary for service provision and improvement.

We commit to data protection. Our privacy notice outlines our handling of your personal data.

Confidential Information

We both agree to protect each other's confidential information from unauthorized access.


We invest in safeguards for data protection. You also play a crucial role in data security.

Maintenance and Updates

We aim for high service availability, but maintenance may cause downtime.

Feedback and Usage

Your feedback is valued. Use our services only for legitimate business purposes and follow our guidance.


Subscriptions can be terminated by providing notice. We may also terminate or suspend services based on these terms.

Liability and Indemnity

You indemnify us against third-party claims due to your service use.


We aim to resolve issues swiftly through our support team. Binding arbitration or small claims court will handle unresolved disputes.

Changes to Terms

We may update these terms. If changes are material, we'll notify you with enough notice.

Enforcement and Interpretation

These terms are enforceable in full, except as law may otherwise provide.

Governing Law

Legal disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the law where QALLIX is headquartered.