• Dashboard

    A visual representation of all your data that shows the position of the business health for real-time decision making.

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  • Order

    Order management captures the orders from the respective integrations and allows a smooth process until fulfillment.

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  • Inventory

    Our Inventory Management feature allows you to seamlessly consolidate your products into one centralised hub.

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  • Chat

    Connect with your customers across various e-commerce platforms effortlessly using our chat management feature.

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  • 800,000 +


  • 30,000+

    Synced SKUs

  • 2500+

    Integrated Stores

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Integrate and sell across all commerce platforms

Leading companies use Qallix's tools and teams to sell their products across an ecosystem that includes online retail, marketplaces, social media, and direct-to-consumer.

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One unified dashboard to scale your business

Get unprecedented insights into the eCommerce channel with a single, simple solution that monitors sales, advertising, inventory, and operational variables across numerous platforms and geographies.

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Our Story

At Qallix, we began our journey as online store owners, facing challenges in managing day-to-day operations and making cost-effective decisions. We struggled to identify the best investments and leverage data to reduce costs and increase profits.

To overcome these obstacles, we created Qallix—a Multi Channel eCommerce Software designed specifically for eCommerce merchants. Qallix simplifies business performance monitoring, streamlines operations, and harnesses data insights to boost earnings. Our mission is to help every online seller use data to enhance their business efficiency and achieve their full potential.

  • "Shiora is an aromatherapy reed diffuser provider that has achieved growth and development, increasing revenue with analytical product segmentation from Qallix."
    Qing Hui, Owner of Shiora
  • “Dr. Bei, a provider of high-quality, elegant and professional care has gone on board with Qallix. Ever since revenue and customer base has increased with business continuously growing.”
    Casey, Marketing Manager at Dr.Bei
  • "Qallix has allowed us to grow remarkably by providing us with a business overview in real-time, synchronised orders to all other platforms and having customer segmentation to identify high-value customers."
    TH, Co-Founder at Wistech