• Dashboard

    A visual representation of all your data that shows the position of the business health for real-time decision making.

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  • Order

    Order management captures the orders from the respective integrations and allows a smooth process until fulfillment.

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  • Inventory

    Our Inventory Management feature allows you to seamlessly consolidate your products into one centralised hub.

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  • Chat

    Connect with your customers across various e-commerce platforms effortlessly using our chat management feature.

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  • 800,000 +


  • 30,000+

    Synced SKUs

  • 2500+

    Integrated Stores

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Integrate and sell across all commerce platforms

Leading companies use Qallix's tools and teams to sell their products across an ecosystem that includes online retail, marketplaces, social media, and direct-to-consumer.

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One unified dashboard to scale your business

Get unprecedented insights into the eCommerce channel with a single, simple solution that monitors sales, advertising, inventory, and operational variables across numerous platforms and geographies.

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  • "Shiora is an aromatherapy reed diffuser provider that has achieved growth and development, increasing revenue with analytical product segmentation from Qallix."
    Qing Hui, Owner of Shiora
  • “Dr. Bei, a provider of high-quality, elegant and professional care has gone on board with Qallix. Ever since revenue and customer base has increased with business continuously growing.”
    Casey, Marketing Manager at Dr.Bei
  • "Qallix has allowed us to grow remarkably by providing us with a business overview in real-time, synchronised orders to all other platforms and having customer segmentation to identify high-value customers."
    TH, Co-Founder at Wistech