Qallix Features

A series of solutions well put together to solve your problems and improve your business.

Dashboard Overview

A visual representation of all your data that shows the position of the business health for real-time decision making

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Customer Management

Manage your customers on one platform to track conversations and build personal relationships with them.

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Order Management

Order management system captures the orders from the respective integrations and allows a smooth process until fulfillment

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Product Management

(Beta Phase, Invited Only)

Synchronising all your inventory, listing and pricing across all platforms, keeping clear of any room for errors

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Inventory Management

Our Inventory Management feature allows you to seamlessly consolidate your products from different e-commerce platforms into one centralised hub.

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Chat Management

Connect with your customers across various e-commerce platforms effortlessly using our chat management feature.

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Link up all your integrations through our channel and gain control just from one platform

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Actionable Data Recommendations

Identifying your top customers, products and the best performing time to market your ads for the highest revenue.

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